Prospective Scholars

Prospective Students 

Rutgers Upward Bound & the Rutgers Upward Bound Math-Science programs encourages participants to explore career options, take advantage of all the resources offered, and to take an active role in preparing for the transition from becoming a successful high school student to a college graduate. The UB/UBMS Experience is meant to assist you in understanding how learning beyond the classroom relates to your place in the world.

The Upward Bound & Upward Bound Math-Science Experience

9th Grade Goals
Students discover their interests and begin the process of basic career exploration. Students are taught to plan short/long term goals and develop skills necessary to become successful hgh school students.

  • Develop & Implement Note-Taking and Study Skills
  • Work on Test-Taking and Time-Management Skills
  • Develop a Four-Year High School Plan towards college admission
  • Begin creating an Activities List/Resume

10th Grade Goals
Students begin to understand what to look for in a college or university and what admission counselors look for in an applicant.

  • Analysis of the college application
  • Understand how college admission officers evaluate applications
  • Learn the language of exploring college possibilities
  • Introduction of Financial Aid Process

11th Grade Goals 
Students narrow down their college choices, and prepare supporting documents for the college application and scholarship search.

  • Must take SAT Preparation Course
  • Resume Development
  • Narrow down College Choices
  • Begin Financial Aid Planning

12th Grade Goals 
Students complete a senior portfolio which includes:

  • Personal Statement/supplemental writing assignment
  • Top College Presentations
  • College admissions applications
  • Financial Aid appeal letter
  • Scholarship applications
  • Resume/Activity List
  • Recommendation Letters Request Forms