COE NSLC: Scholar Experience 2019

Scholar Testimony: “COE NSLC was possibly the greatest experience I ever had in my life!”

The mission of the program is to develop service oriented leaders to serve their community, their nation, enable students to understand national issues which affect our futures, promote sensitivity and appreciation for cultural and racial diversity. Attending scholars spent six days with incredible ambitious scholars from all over the US; including territories like Guam, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. Scholars from these areas are also in TRIO Programs like Upward Bound, Upward Bound Math Science, and Talent Search.

Scholar Kayvone, had the opportunity to represent the city Plainfield and Rutgers Upward Bound in advocating for TRIO programs. One activity that caught his attention was “Sit as One, Stand as 6 Million: Diversity and Inclusion” conducted by Larry Bell. Throughout the six-day program, scholars followed a jam-packed schedule. Scholars attended places like Smithsonian Museums, Union Station, workshops, practiced for the mock congress debate and chant competition.

Scholars: Kayvone, Naselin and Lezlie had the opportunity to speak with Nia Lesene and Senator Corey Booker’s Legislative Education Advisory Assistant.  Attending UB Scholars spoke highly of the UB/UBMS program; they shared their experiences and advocated on why funding should continue to be appointed for Trio programs like Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math-Science. Scholars had the opportunity to spend time with their group members and made it an enjoyable time; working on the mock debates and chant competitions. Scholars that had the opportunity to attend the COE NSLC Experience, would like to give a special shoutout to Ms. Wiley and RUB Staff for giving them the opportunity to attend the COE NSLC conference and making it a cherish able and memorable experience.