Family & Guardians

Parents and Guardians

We have a commitment with our partner public schools and Rutgers University for your child to receive the best college preparation and ultimately college admissions.

  • Since 2000, more than two-thirds of Upward Bound participants received a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Students’ college awareness and acceptances have increased. RUB’s Senior Class of 2017 received over 288 College acceptances collectively.
  • RUB scholars attend schools across the nation including Rutgers, Harvard University, Brown University, Johns Hopkins University, New York University, Spelman College, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Seton Hall University.
  • Program Participants have been Dells Scholars and Questbridge Finalists.
  • Scholars have received full-academic funding and various presidential and private scholarships.
  • Students attend workshops that provide them with new skills including: note-taking, time-management, and study strategies.
  • The Upward Bound Programs expose students to various college tours and visits throughout the nation that have benefits for students from the populations we serve.
  • Through tutoring services, Upward Bound strives to help students retain strong GPAs for college admission.

We also provide our parents with various workshops throughout the academic year and summer institute. Some topics include:

  • Grade Level College Preparation
  • Financial Aid
  • Communication/Networking
  • Advocacy

There is also a Family Advisory Board established as the official voice of UB parents. FAB works with program staff to promote and enhance student programming, volunteering, fundraising and community advocacy. FAB consists of an executive board, which has members who serve as President, Vice President, Secretary, Fund-Raising Chair, and beyond. All parents are encouraged to become involved through the FAB.

Parents/Guardians play a critical role in helping Upward Bound meet its program objectives as essential motivators and teachers for their children.