Program Services

The Rutgers Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math-Science Pre College Programs are divided into two components.

The Academic Year: Saturday Academy is a series of specialized courses, STEM programs, workshops, and experiences.

The Summer  Institute is a mandatory six week summer institute where students are exposed to college level classes and student life experiences led by highly trained faculty and staff.

 The following services are offered to Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math-Science students during the academic year and the summer institute:

Academic, Career and Personal Counseling

Upward Bound participants will be assigned an advisor that will assist participants in the following areas:

  • Academic Preparation
  • College Preparation
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Personal Counseling
  • Goal Setting and Future Planning

Campus Tours & College Visits

Participants will be invited to various colleges/universities throughout the country to discuss admissions. These visits are designed to help participants make an informed and affordable decision about their college choice.

Test Preparation

Supplemental instruction may be available in the following:

  • Partnership for Assessment for Readiness for College & Careers (PARCC)
  • SAT & ACT Tests
  • Supplements for any other required test as needed

Community Workshops

Staff hosts workshops year-round for students, families and the community on the following:

  • College Planning and Preparation
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Financial Literacy
  • College Debt Management
  • Parent/Family Planning for College Workshops

Specialized Courses and Programming

Participants will be invited to participate in special courses and/or programs at Rutgers University and other host institutions in New Jersey, such as:

  • University courses with the opportunity to receive credit
  • Research
  • Public speaking
  • Saturday Academy programs
  • SAT/ACT & Test Preparation
  • High School Outreach weekends
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Additional courses or programs as determined by student need and/or request

Academic Support Awards

Students have the potential to be nominated to receive stipends under the Directors Honors and Distinguished Honors awards for achieving success in grades, perfect attendance and grade improvement during the academic year. During the summer students can earn stipends and awards based on performance and academic competitions.